Conceived and written for the singer on Henry and her dance group.

it is one take guitar and delay; drums etc are overdubbed.


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Originally conceived to help a student practise part of “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin, it evolved into this.  Me on guitar, drums and bass programmed by a friend, vocals by said friends daughter.  He came home one day to discover she had done a vocal!


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Jus doin mah ting

I like this one,  again the result of messing around trying to come up with something.  I’d been listening to a lot of Pat Metheny, but you’d never know!


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Alien Tea for Two

More me, until I get some video done it’s just audio.  Bass is not me, and I got a bit carried away with the wah pedal!


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Funky Doodle Dandy

All me, well, me and some machines.

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A normal day…or is it?

5:50am FB is up singing 🎶and pooping💩, pooping 💩and singing🎶. It goes quiet as FB squeezes one out. I do not want to be reincarnated as a nappy. Singing 🎶resumes and I doze off.

6:40am I wake up, FB is still happily singing. I walk onto the landing and the faint scent of excrement hits the nostrils. Lord knows what the dogs make of it! Breakfast?

FB happily announces the nappy contents…”I dunna pooh.”💩

“Yes, I know. You always do one in the morning,” I reply, wearily, not noticing what is on the stair behind me.

FB announces all the cats as we enter the kitchen and the dogs chase them. A normal day. 🐕🐈🙀

Off to the shower room, it’s off the kitchen, to put FB on the potty. There isn’t much point this morning as FB will have expelled the contents of the bowels already.

OMG! It’s shit city! 💩💩💩💩💩💩😷😷😷🙀🙀🙀Armeggedon has arrived and it’s massive.🚨🚨🚨🚒🚒 All lower garments I realise are brown on the inside instead of the original colour, and they no longer smell of the original summer breeze white linen flowery fabric conditioner Mrs FC uses in the wash (we are surrounded by farms so that must be strongly scented conditioner!)

Back to the nuclear nappy. It is everywhere, down FB’s leg, up the back, all over the bottom, and some of it has even dropped off onto the floor and the dogs are investigating. Thankfully, they don’t seem interested – no meat content I guess, we are veggie.🍓🍇🍆🥒🌽

No emotional reaction from FB, no apology, nothing. Tears as I show I am not happy, but that’s it. Into the shower 🚿 goes one mottled shit 💩coloured child, five minutes later FB is the original colour and smelling of soap. Unfortunately, I drop the shower, it is first thing in the morning and I am dealing with “buy one get one free” sized poop here. Gimme break.🏝

I am now soaked, too.😩😩

FB stands there wrapped in a massive towel looking as if butter wouldn’t melt, while I drip and work out what to do next. Oh, yes, clean the floor and the stairs, rescue the clothing. 🚑🚑🚑 I’m beginning to see the funny side now. 😀Thankfully, FB’s bed and room are unaffected.🌈

Finally, I can feed the animals and do breakfast.

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So, after a break from writing due to a heavy few days and a couple of migraines things have calmed down.  FB is becoming more confident, which is lovely on one level, and after some chats with a couple of long term students about working practices I am trying to change how I work! Clearly, I am not achieving what I want, so time for change!

I am so work focussed that it isn’t healthy; I’m losing why I do this in the first place, ok, apart from the money (such that it is!).  Music for me!  So, I spent a pleasant hour tuning the lute then ten minutes playing it! Lol.

Lute 'n' Uke

Lute ‘n’ Uke, an illicit affair!


I used to enjoy researching early music, studying music learning new things.  Now I don’t have time, unless it is work related.  I need some me time now summer is here.

To that end I am going to compartmentalise everything, or flit from one thing to another as one of my mature students does.  She finds it very effective.  She is self employed like me, but semi-retired.  She works on a project until she can’t concentrate on it any longer, then moves into a different room and starts something completely different, and so on!  Each room is a different project/idea. Ok, she lives on her own but the idea can be adapted to my madhouse!

Tomorrow is paperwork, recital pieces while FB is at nursery, then teaching.  Once the hols begin properly so will the compartmentalising! 🐿 I wonder if there is space in my office to have the mandolin out? There is certainly a lot of unnecessary crap 💩amongst the necessary crap💩! Perhaps a small shelving unit could house the recording desk and digital modelling box? Maybe some stuff could go in the loft? 🐿 Then I could make room for another guitar!….No, I did not say that.  Perhaps I could just leave space to put my shoes away (we have a shoe cupboard but there isn’t enough space for mine!) We have a coat cupboard, and yes, you’ve guessed it, there isn’t enough space for my jackets!

I have also decided to go as dairy free (vegan) as possible. In other words, vegan in the house, and possibly outside depending on the situation. We are already veggie. I’m also cutting down the alcohol again.  We went teatotal for most of last year, it was great! So, I may also make some major reductions there, too.

imageLute and Penny Poppers asleep in the case!

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