My delusions of grandeur continue, thwarted by life and work!

So, this attempt at restarting the blog has stalled! I have managed a bit of ukulele playing for students on my YouTube channel, and a couple of transcriptions to go on Musescore, but not what I had hoped.  Note to self, must try harder.


Today has been stupidly busy for the wrong reasons but I have got the D’Angelico out again and started to wonder whether I should learn some Joe Pass?  Maybe “Cheek to Cheek”?  We can’t afford to go out or go on holiday, not that I really want to.  Going out is soooo expensive and the only holidays I’d be interested in would be Scotland and Ireland cos I can take the dogs. 😁  I may as well get playing!


Something must be wrong with me as I haven’t bought a guitar in a while.  I have decided to focus on making music rather than acquiring stuff, but I have bought a new case and lots of scores, reference books and CDs, do they count?

I have been trying to find inspiration from different styles, but as usual my students provide the best inspiration and motivation.  I need to stay ahead of them so i am working on some country licks and techniques; funk bass; and ukulele repertoire.  Most of this is great fun but I am not a huge fan of the ukulele.  It has huge potential but just doesn’t light my fire, also, I have enough trouble with the guitar and bass!

I am hoping to be ready to give a recital or three at the end of summer.  If I can pluck up the courage to film my solo work, I will post it.  Ensemble stuff I can do, solo work I find challenging!


The Beginning!!  2014

I am fortunate enough to have built up a small collection over the years.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put a few things on here to show them off.

Let’s start with two Strat voices.

Here is the result of listening to too much Dire Straits a few years ago.

… and here is “Hawaii five O” meets my version of a Joe Satriani classic.


June 12th. George Benson picking technique

As you may know I’m a big fan of George Benson although I’ve yet to see him in concert. Over the years I’ve tried to absorb some of his playing, his phrasing, his chord work etc, and it’s been great fun. I’ve also seen people on the web talking about his right hand technique. Well, I tried it for the first time today and it’s amazing! It is so loose and relaxed, why doesn’t everyone do it? Ok, I suspect it may not work so well for metal players, but I could be wrong, I haven’t tried it with distortion yet.


For me, it positions my right hand between the neck pickup and the end of the fingerboard, resting lightly on the scratchplate. It makes for a mellower tone at this point along the string. The guitar then fits quite snugly under the arm and feels fairly securely held in this position. I have yet to work out how this will impact my playing generally, but so far I am having trouble keeping up with myself, it’s very quick! The pick seems to glide across the strings.


June 26th

Some classical guitar today, complete with hay fever.





June 30 2014

I stumbled across this little thing whilst sorting files on my ipad.















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