So today, typically Fozzie B sleeps in late but I need to get up early to take the car to the garage for MOT and new brakes!. Mrs FC, the star of show in this house is coming down with a cold.

Early morning was the usual feeding the animals, sort the dishwasher, feed Fozzie B and self, make coffee for Mrs FC in bed. Fozzie B had two pieces of toast this morning, one with honey! Result! Usually it’s toast and butter and a refusal to have anything else! This one (FB) had been left to fend for itself and was eating only crisps, bread and yoghurt. Mrs FC is getting some great results and Fozzie B is eating potatoes and fish fingers for tea, no veggies still, but that’ll come.

We did some colouring this morning and Fozzie is beginning to hold a pencil properly.

I’ve managed to get some guitar practise done but it was difficult to concentrate a) because the false nails have had the audacity to grow and b) because we got some expected but not great news re Fozzie B and the future! That’s going to be hard for us. We have no say in a child’s future. C) time is now quite limited.

Off to get the car shortly. It failed its MOT as expected, one of the rear seat belt clippy things wasn’t working and some kind of locky-sprockety-connecty thing isn’t working somewhere else. The stoppy bits are working and that’s good!

After that it’s time for the park, then some teaching!

Park done; not a great success. FB became sad and wanted to come home

Now 9:45pm and the list of jobs hasn’t changed.



As newbies I hope to blog about the experiences.  First post on main page and when I have worked out how to use this technology I may get it on this page! Anyway, posts may be erratic, but let’s see how it goes.


Recently, we started fostering and are now on child two. Both have been fab kids, but I have found it challenging time-wise. I am a music teacher and I put a lot of time into curriculum and making sure I look after each students musical education and my own teaching career – it takes of lot of effort and I love it.

My partner is passionate about fostering and I am along to support her in her dreams. That’s what you do when you love someone. We don’t find it easy and I have been letting off steam with a good friend of ours; so much so that I thought a blog might work!

My partner is brilliant with kids and it’s lovely to see the look on this ones face when she sees what goes on in the house. Today my youngest step child, 15yr old step daughter, was playing with one of our dogs (a little two yr old Jack Russell, gorgeous dog). Lots of noise, lots of laughter and fozzie (foster child) was agog that this was happening. Both fozzie and partner were spark out later on!

I am going to try to blog some of the experience without detail. Who knows, I may even keep it up.