Book and CD reviews

The Acoustic Guitar Bible


Eric Roche


Recommended by “my” luthier, he works for Vintage and Rare, Bath (UK), and various well known guitarists. A really nice guy, very knowledgeable and brilliant at what he does, so I thought this would be a good book.

Eric Roche is a name I know but I am not familiar with his playing. Having listened to the cd he is, or was, a better player than many. He plays with a depth and touch missing from many players, clearly playing for the music and not to impress.

Initial thoughts from scanning the contents (see below) are…

1) It covers a lot of ground and promises to be very interesting.

2) It will require a lot of my input but that’s why I bought it, I want to learn.

From the Forward by Tommy Emmanuel and the Introduction by the author the tone is immediately reassuring, down to earth and honest. The Introduction is full of useful advice. Perfect!

I have scanned most of the book and listened to the performances on the cd – I may well have to bite the bullet and try this modern percussive technique that I have put off for years! Well, I said I wanted to learn.

This book is well written, thoughtful, thought provoking and full of useful ideas and techniques to develop; also hints, tips, and mere glimpses into what you could achieve should you decide to go for it.  All this for £20?  Bargain!  Excellent!

What comes across most for me is the authors passion for the instrument, his hunger to learn and share, and his openness and honesty for players at all levels.

If you can play to about grade five and are hungry for music and the guitar, then this will be an excellent study companion and a source of many years of effort, experimentation and enjoyment. I’d best get started.

As with all books like this you will only get out what you put in, so be prepared to work!



Creative Guitar Volume 1

by Guthrie govan

Lots of words in this one! Guthrie has a lot to say and it’s all either very helpful or entertaining, or both.

This book covers a lot of ground if you are willing put in the effort required to make the most of this ridiculous bargain. £20 for all this information? It would cost you a small fortune from a teacher, I know, I am one!

This is an excellent book for the hungry student. Like The Acoustic Guitar Bible this book shows you just some of what is available if you put in the time. It is well written, barring a couple of minor printing errors; entertaining, highly informative and worth every penny. I wish I’d had this book years ago, but I had the equivalent back then, as well as the necessary hunger.

All the information in this book is available on the internet, but not in one easily accessible and digestible place for very little money. This book will not make you into Guthrie Govan but it will give you a lot of very useful information and ideas to explore to help you become the best you can be. Another open, honest and warm book on the subject of music making on a solid body electric guitar.

Highly recommended.