That’s what my mind is turning to. If we say “no” in any form, even if it’s “later”, we get tears. If we ask FB to speak up as we can’t hear what has been said, FB gets quieter. Cue those cartoon moments where the character twitches with impending madness, that’s us.

🐿 whilst looking for an image to support this I came across lots of Steampunk Alice in Wonderland! Awesome! I love steampunk but just can’t be bothered to do the dressing up. I wonder whether Mrs FC might be interested? It’s more fun with two!

After a most unpleasant migraine inducing morning chasing health professionals across two counties trying to get them to see a 4yr old child, we have some laxatives and the child previously known as “No Shit Sherlock” is now to be known as “Shit Sherlock!” 💩💩💩🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷

My head is easing and I can contemplate work. 🎼 Managed to get the dogs 🐕🐕out for a short run round the fields just before the rain came. 🌧🌧🌧


About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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