Mind management and dreams

I was reading a book on Mind Management by the sports psychologist from the British cycling team last night and it said I should set out my dreams first, then break those down into goals. My dreams must be quite boring as I fell asleep pretty soon after that page!

That’s a tough one. At my age my dreams have changed or no longer exist as reality has made its mark (also, I can’t see the point of them any more). I used to dream of playing big stages and making albums. I’ve played big stages but not made a single album of my music, unless you include a live album.

I’d like to sing, others would prefer I didn’t!

I’d like to be a better teacher, a better guitarist, a better bassist, and ukulele player; a stronger person, someone who could make significant changes for the better for others; how about world peace and harmony?

I’m not interested in travel and I no longer want to gig for a living. My dreams and my view of them is that they are about the self, what the self wants. I am surrounded by people (and animals) who rely on me to some extent, there is little time/space/energy for dreams, as such my thoughts and feelings are in constant conflict between the self and others.

So, perhaps my self dreams are/were …

A) to sing

B) to record an album (of all my music on various instruments including my lute) – it would be really nice to put recordings and videos of me on my site/page. I’ve been saying I’d do it for years!

C) another teaching position at a school of my choice

D) recital plus recording of classical and acoustic pieces for guitar and ukulele

Therefore, the goals need to be manageable and achievable steps towards each dream.

A) singing….can I spare the time for lessons and practise?

B) discuss new recording with band (easiest option, will take organising but at least the music is ready); learn/write own material (more involved – source backing tracks for covers and/or write and record own material); record at home or in proper studio;

C) research schools in chosen area; what are their peri policies/contracts/requirements; can I meet those; do I want to meet those;

D) learn the pieces; give practise recitals; organise full public recital; lots of recording; take lessons/mentoring

🐿🐿Yay! Physical contact is cancelled for the foreseeable future! It never happened and was very disruptive and restricting for us.

Alternatively, I take note of my dreams and get on with them!

Good gig last, tired this morning and a bit stiff. Lovely walk with the dogs, new hayfever tabs working well. The sun is out, the sky is blue, the fields are cut and parched. It’s all good for the heart!


About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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