It’s been a few days since my last post but they have been busy ones; research, work, and FB – oh my, FB!

Major toilet issues 🙀🙀🙀 FB seems to have been deeply traumatised in earlier life regarding the toilet. Using words to tell us the nappy has been filled is a) non-existent, b) very quiet, c) just loud enough. No matter how much encouragement we give or how much trust has been built elsewhere this one isn’t clicking and it is driving Mr & Mrs FC to 🐿Land in a not happy way!

Yesterday afternoon we went nappy free and I watched FB like a hawk whilst trying to play Bach! I guess it does the concentration some good 🙄😕 AND I sacrificed a trip to the Man shop (local hardware store – oh dear I am becoming American-ised). We need new man toys in the house and the music room. Ooh look, 🐿. The summer will be full of home maintenance jobs so I’m stocking up on the necessary bits of kit etc.

Back to FB – five times on the potty yesterday afternoon, five! It’s not natural. Something each time and then two attempts at self-cleaning (which explains the eating and smearing written in FBs previous notes from Social Services). Holy catfish, Batman🦇, what happened to this child to create this?

Oh well, I did find some Villa Lobos and Brouwer preludes and studies to work on, after I’ve done the Sor and the recital, hopefully. 🐿 One thing about these false nails, they are rubbish at scratching! Great for tone and confidence in sound, but terrible for scratching. I guess you could file them rough instead of polished?

Once I’ve done that maybe I should do some electric stuff? Eric Johnson, Satch, Paisley, Lane. Or maybe some acoustic? I’ve got lots of ideas but time is fractured so it’s really bloody hard to get on with them. Then the band needs a new recording – 🐿 – I could get the vintage amp out for that! Ooh!

FB is now playing with animals and making the relevant sounds right next to my ears, roll on October. How many times have we been told we “have our ears on”?

🐿 When term starts I get less playing time so I’m out of condition by the time the “holidays” come round. People find that hard to accept – ” You teach guitar/bass/ukulele all day, so you must be playing all day!”  I wish! I play to demonstrate but rarely my own practise.

According to FB covfefe “smells like covfefe”.  That’s good then, I’m using the right stuff!

ttfn 👋



About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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