I may scream today

You really do make rods for your own backs, but this one has been made by someone else’s failings. I know I’m supposed to be understanding but today I may scream. We are all paying a price for this – routines completely disrupted, time taken away from things we need/want to do, taken from people and animals we want to give to.

It’s not FBs fault and I suspect this one will be with us for some time yet, beyond the current official marker of mid October.

Mrs FC has a thumping headache, she had one yesterday, as a result of the frustrations this little one brings. Two of her kids are sick, possibly as a result of new germs in the house.

Breakfast was ok with some prompting from me, but FB dropped a strawberry on the floor. Quick as you like Willow the Black Shadow had gobbled it up. OMG! Can dogs eat strawberries? Are they safe? Internet internet internet google … phew! Dog is safe, wallet is safe, no mad dash to the vet, heart rate slowing. It’s not even 7am!

Breakfast done, a few more hairs missing from my head, upstairs for teeth brushing of (Go Yoda!), dressed getting and covfefe for Mrs FC. Back downstairs for another covfefe (which is now recognised by my spell checker!) …. and breath.

FB is now playing with little ponies and doing some interaction games which appear to involve hurting each other, calling for mummy and pretend crying. I’m waiting for apologies to happen.

Today’s plan … walk dogs, go to Man Shop buy Man things, play nice music on ukulele, try not to scream.

A new interpretation of Albeniz “Asturias Leyenda aka Preludio” to play with, thanks to Tim Higgins.  Some interesting new ideas to feed into my more traditional interpretation.



Right, walkies!

Note to self….take hayfever tabs before walking dogs through fields of hay! Half a loo roll later and I’m still snuffling and finding breathing slightly compromised. Must be a bad day for hayfever, so I sit in my room with the above selection – some music for me, some prep for students.

Lunch…which I am tired of taking at a fixed time and with FB to show “how it’s done”. Today was the usual trial. It’s a healthy meal which has been eaten on numerous occasions, however, today FB decides to take fifteen minutes to eat the remaining one tomato and two sugar snap peas. Of course, FB could be full be FB can’t vocalise that and wants the pudding!

Pudding is flapjack, yummy cake as far as FB is concerned. The condition is “finish your first course”. We’ve used the oven timer on this before, when it goes buzz the plate goes away regardless (within reason). I used this again today. A minute later, no effort made on the part of FB to eat, so I take the plate away, no pudding, floods of tears.

Teatime was better. Bath time and hair wash all sorted, FB sat on potty did nothing. Into pyjamas, stories and bed………….monster poop 💩💩💩 in nappy.😷😷😷🚒🚒🚑🚑🚨🚨Stretcher bearer! Smelling salts! Holy 🦆🦇man, what the 🦆was that??!!

9:30pm I didn’t make it to the Man Shop.


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Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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