What a difference!

Today I’d like to have some headspace!

Great Saturday as my daughter visited, and it was heartwarming to see the interaction between her and FB. She will make a good mum if she takes that route.

Soggy walk with the dogs but I did notice that last nights wind and rain had flattened the grass the farmer uses as hay feed. He should have harvested it the day before, we all knew it was coming. We walked through a line of trees while the wind was high, fifty yards later one of them came crashing down!

Had a couple of glasses of Malbec in the evening and am now reminded why I only drink Shiraz!

Next day.

Walk the dogs who were oddly unfazed by the very low flying/circling helicopter as we walked the fields. It landed in one of them. Unusual behaviour for this area.

After the walk I played lots of Baroque and Renaissance music on the ukulele as research, and organised my files. Oh no…contact with FB family! How will this go and what impact will it have?

Three hours at the park with some excellent contact with FB’s extended family. Like a different child again! Really came out of FBself, climbing, sliding, running, laughing etc. We haven’t seen this before, it was lovely. FB did things I didn’t think FB could do.

Back home, FB tea, bath and bed. I prep some lessons, urge to play returns and I’m digging around in old files for teaching material and discovering lots of musical memories! Things I used to play when I started, then I remembered … when I started classical I had already been playing five years, no wonder I could move around the fingerboard a bit! That has made me reconsider some of my teaching – a healthy result. Mind you, I still can’t bear to listen to any guitar music! It’s almost painful.

Willow is in the music room with me, curled up while I type or play. How nice is that?


About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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