It’s another stand off!

Dogs, small child and major thunder storm over night after REALLY hot weather.  Should be an interesting mix. 😕😕

Not much to say about FB as a normal child is appearing.

Music 🎶🎼🎸 … well, I’m beginning to see inklings of interest emerging from the fog of mental tiredness. I still can’t face listening to music or playing any instruments with any serious intent.  Gotta rehearsal tomorrow evening and a full day’s teaching.  I wonder how many will actually turn up?

Next day!

Ok, so another stand off this morning. FB refuses to say whether FB has finished doing a poop. I’m confident FB has finished and I know the easy way out of this stand off is to feed the right line, however, this doesn’t help in the long run so we continue. I’m tidying up after breakfast, making coffee coffee for Mrs FC, filling the dishwasher etc.

All the time FB answers my prompts with “Yes”.

Me: FB use words (FB is two years behind developmentally and is four yrs old chronologically)
FB: Yes
Me: I will go upstairs when I have made coffee and you will be down here on your own.
FB: Yes.
Me: FB use words or go on the naughty step. Does FB want to go on the naughty step?
FB: Yes.

I give up! This is maddening when I have to go to work! In the end we go upstairs as I can’t leave FB alone, check FBs nappy, no poop. Arg! So, FB sits on the potty while I finish getting ready and leave Mrs FC to continue the morning.

In retrospect I wonder whether FB was trying to tell us that FB needed the toilet and to use the potty, thus beginning to recognise the need to go rather than just going? As FB is two years behind the words and understanding is difficult for FB to recognise or express.

My lack of desire to practise or study continues. Possibly related to the approaching first anniversary of Dads passing. I know my behaviour changes when the same anniversary approaches for mum, between Christmas and New Year. The moment the day has gone is like a switch, and I’m back. Very strange and a little frustrating. Students lacking commitment and failing to show up doesn’t help much, either!

Right, I’m at school so must get out of the car and head to the staffroom and my teaching studio.

I’d like a life where I had my own studio and the time and knowledge to use it. Oh, hang on, I’ve got the studios!

So, music teaching challenge. How do you inspire someone who exists in a “spoon fed” environment where needs are met for you, discovery doesn’t appear to exist, and distractions are so many that you need to be SO committed before you even start! I would like other strings to my musical bow but I don’t know what else I can do – I am pushed for time; I don’t understand digital studios; gigs are poorly paid and a major time commitment; I had hoped to compose but I am time limited. Feeling flatter than a bad pancake right now. I hope this is Dad.

Home, finished teaching, FB is in “non speaking stand off”. About the same thing as thus morning, really!  Now this kind of behaviour really ticks me off. It is utterly pointless, achieves nothing and winds everyone up. I have precious little patience for it, but that is what you need. However, now is not the time for a battle as I need to go to rehearsal and Mrs FC could do without this! So FB gives to bed with no stories and only one goodnight instead of one from at least three of us.

Bedtime for me, too, busy day tomorrow.



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