There are days when I think this is ok, then there are days when I look forward to FB going! Today is one of those.

Breakfast of dry cheerios consumed with enthusiasm. When asked whether a grape is wanted, the request is greeted with greater enthusiasm. At the end of the bowl of cheerios FB lowers face, looking at me through eyebrows, just staring. The occasional whine. I know what FB wants but for some reason beyond my comprehension FB will not use the words we all know FB can use, and I have had enough of this….almost.

I tell FB to eat the grape and then ask for what FB wants.


Five minutes of this and I give in, removing the chopped grape, yes, I chopped the grape to make it easier to chew. I tell FB that I will eat it and there will be no seconds.

I give FB one more chance and, success. Grape eaten, seconds given. It’s all about control. Next time it’ll be one warning and gone in sixty seconds. I can’t be bothered with this kind of behaviour.

I spent some time working on my accounts this morning.  FB spent time playing in my room or clinging to my arm or me! FB has had a rough time the last few years so craves 1-2-1 attention and for you to initiate everything, but you can’t do that, and it’s not appropriate. It’s not easy, though!

Yet more control attempts around dinner. Demanding of food now and not at tea time, refusal to behave appropriately in the expectation that this will result in early tea, and so on. Chop of the nose to spite the face, I don’t get it?


So, it’s Friday, wine flows, well….a bit less than one bottle does! I wish I could have a proper conversation with the person in my head!

Good day teaching. I keep realising that I respond best to good students, but I keep not learning how to make the most if it! Silly boy.

Looking forward to breakfast of oats, fruit and coffee while it’s still affordable!


About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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