Two bowls of Cheerios for breakfast, sans milk, for FB.  Really hot today!

Biggest bugbear for me is the frequent interruptions. Once I’ve walked the dogs I like to work, but because I work from home I am “available”. Hmm!

Some veg at lunchtime and none for tea! All are hot and bothered tonight.

Just trying to psyche myself up to do some work!

That was yesterday. Too little to post.

Today…two bowls of cheerios, two grapes! Mind you, only one and a half grapes were actually eaten. FB enjoyed them but needs them to be cut up.

The beard was beginning to irritate me so I shaved it off, only to regret it almost instantly! Hey ho, it’ll grow. I may wait til hayfever season is over, bit messy.

I’ve been listening to Paul Galbraith playing Debussy and Ravel on guitar, reminds me very much of dad, though he was a pianist. I’m well aware that the first year since his passing is almost upon us, so I may get more grouchy soon! I can remember the funeral, being quite chirpy until I walked passed the coffin. Even my speech was ok until I turned to the last page only to see those final few words I had written and rewritten, then all that blank space. I nearly didn’t make it. I’d like to remember mum’s funeral but that is harder to recall. It was a good few years ago and we had to refocus our attentions to dad, there wasn’t the space for mum.

Very low turnout at school again today! There is only so much practise I can do without the input of others. However, I did some work on turnarounds and tritone subsitutions, bemoaning the fact that I don’t have any students capable of this level of understanding!  Did I remember it at tonight’s rehearsal?  Not a chance!


I wonder how Mrs FC got on this morning?

All was good in the Fozzie Care House today, bar minor whinges. Let’s hope this keeps going!

Looking forward to coffee coffee coffee, as it is now known, thanks to FB!


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Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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