Where is my apple?

Muchos busyos today.  Feeling stressed with lots of lovely work to do and too many interruptions!

I had an apple today until FB decided to pinch it!  What a turn around!  A completely different child!  Time with mum starts Friday, may see the old FB after that. We are not allowed an opinion but I don’t care.  This one should be with people who can provide a lot of physical, mental and emotional support. FB will blossom in those conditions. It’s complicated and our opinion doesn’t count, but if FB goes back I think FB will end up in care again.

Had me nails done.  They take quite a beating on guitar and I’m just getting used to them, so it’s nice to have them repaired every few weeks!

So, time for wine and the accounts. Listening to Paul Galbraith play Haydn on his 8 string guitar.  What a phenomenal player he is. I wish Dad were still with us to share this.  His birthday and the anniversary of his passing next month.  I may shave.  I’ve had a beard of sorts since he went.  It feels like time to get rid of it.


One handsome devil and a dog.

Have fun peeps!



About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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