It’s been perfect!

Seemingly good day but I have been in school!  All are tired, so not much to report. Mrs FC and I have had a minor falling out this morning so my day has been a low one.  She is very important to me so when things go wrong, however small, it ain’t nice.  Wine tonight.

Rediscovered Snarky Puppy and Mark Lettieri tonight so I feel even worse now!  😕 Sometimes I wonder why I bother playing guitar.

Still, ML has inspired me to get my Strat out and get the loop pedal going, possibly, maybe, when I find the time ….ha ha ha, in a nummer life time!  Less teaching tomorrow so I hope to catch up with a few things. Need a break, only just had half term! Mixed feelings when I see one of my students going to music college, another student taking a diploma and this one is only 15, another joining a big jazz band. Almost wish I was young again.  I’d study music much better and much more!

When saying goodnight to FB tonight I looked out of the window and commented on the beautiful evening and FB replied “It’s been perfect!” Cue hidden jaw dropping!

Step daughter returned from a school trip and I got a hug, oh yeah! My daughter visits in a couple of weeks, more oh yeah!

Tonights dinner … brown with spuds.



About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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