Red Letter Day



Whoever said walking is healthy lied. I’m as stiff as a board this morning after a two hour walk with the dogs yesterday. Perhaps a shorter one today, lol!

FB is very chatty this morning, looking for “bee en bee en” (Bling bling) the cat. Two bowls of cereal eaten, which is an improvement on toast. Having a cuddle and looking at photographs of cats, dogs, and people. Nummer cat is outside (another cat – bee en bee en – we have five, plus the dogs)

So much to do, so many ideas, so much music, it’s great! I’m planning a solo recital March 2018; maybe followed by a concerto reduction for piano and guitar; a cello and guitar duo recital; repertoire for ukulele and bass guitar; composition (unlikely at the moment); lots of duets I’d like to play after the March recital (maybe I should look for a duet partner instead of a new band, or some flute and guitar duets? Ooh, that’d be good!). Until then it’s back to reports 🙁 I need intravenous caffeine.

Time to make more covfefe while it is still affordable! One for me and one for Mrs FC.
Ouch! It helps to focus on the coffee machine rather than typing when frothing the milk!

It’s lovely to walk around the house and be reminded of all the love Mrs FC brings. It can be seen in the little things – a small ornament or a pair of knitted socks sticking out of the laundry basket.

Lunchtime – OMG! Not only did FB try some hummus but FB ate a piece of carrot 5×0.5×0.5cms! 😮😮😮😮 At last, veg has been eaten and a pudding can be had.

Then, unprompted, FB told me FB had done a pooh in the nappy! It must be the weather!

Off to see the ducks shortly……..

Ducks fed, swings swung. Practise not done. Reports unfinished.

Dinner was a major success, with some encouragement. Yellow (sweet corn) and orange (carrots) were eaten. We didn’t like green (peas). So, a nummer pudding and the return of a favourite cuddly.

After MANY interruptions I have tried to practise and FB stands right in front of me and strums my guitar as I play! Bach sounds really interesting with lots of plunking and percussive notes! Still, I guess it’s good for me on some level. Dunno how I’m supposed to do this without regular practise. It’s beginning to get annoying.


Bedtime for FB. Shower for Mrs FC. Reports done, at least in draft. Might shave later, ooh the excitement!



About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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2 Responses to Red Letter Day

  1. timguitar says:

    Ha ha – a very enjoyable read! From ducks, recitals, reductions, poohs & covfefe, this blog post has everything! Well done, sir x

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