It’s sunny…sort of.

It’s sunny…sort of.

Up at 6am, change FB nappy and go back to bed. Getting up time is 6:30. Some tears but FB settled to self play quite quickly. FB is tired this morning, here’s hoping we don’t get a repeat of yesterday!

I’m more alert this morning as the dogs have been removed during breakfast but are now back investigating the floor for crumbs. Honestly, I do feed them good food. They are on a BARF diet, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

FB is playing happily with puppets and the dogs are play fighting in the lounge, FB is telling them off. FB has settled well with the dogs which is good since they are the same size as FB!

9am in da house and Mrs FC has a migraine but won’t let me help, so while I clean the coffee machine FB copies me pacing the kitchen with my hands behind my back – we are “waiting for the coffee machine”! The dogs are confused!

5:30pm and a Supernanny naughty step. Never used one before, but it worked! Well done, Mrs FC!

Managed to get “some” personal work related stuff done, some lesson prep and some teaching 🙁 I need another independent school.

…food in the oven and it’s raining again.

Big day tomorrow.  Friday will be celebrations or commiserations in this house.  Really hoping the Tories get booted out, but our system is so rubbish they’ll probably win!


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Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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