Day Five – Subdued

Feeling very subdued this morning after the news from London. I don’t understand why humans have to behave like this towards each other, it doesn’t achieve anything positive.

Walking the dogs helped as it was nice seeing them disappear in the long grass and play but I can’t face practise today.

Little FB has done a huge poop! Nice 🙁. FB still refusing to listen to instructions so it’s either tears or constant high energy trying to cajole!

We’ve played with Play-Doh, made “cake” (a regular food source before coming here), and had the grumps over tidying up.

All are tired. FB has pretended to be a dinosaur and used Mrs FC’s name for the first time! Yay hey! Some toast and jam was eaten for breakfast, all toast and honey was eaten! Only two pieces in total so little one must be hungry. Lunch was the usual offering that we all eat – fruit, salad, cheese and a cracker for FB. FB understands that in order to have the desired pudding fruit and/or veg needs to be eaten, one grape will do! However, stubbornness means pudding remains in the cupboard again. I’m putting on weight with all the good modelling I’m being asked to do! 🙂

FB saw an egg today and became quite excited, so let’s try a boiled egg for tea. I wonder what difference it will make…..hmmm, absolutely none. Spat out across the plate. Great. Fish fingers and potatoes have been eaten but no veg – pudding stays in the fridge. No good modelling required, waistline can relax, only not too much as it looks worse!  Breathe in!

FB is making progress in other areas, though. Some trust in our routines is appearing, FB knows what happens when and how, and is now willing to nap upstairs rather than downstairs. Language is improving, independent play is slowly taking shape with some repetition of new stories being told through FB’s toys, instead of the frequent “pick up a toy, sing a song, pick up another toy, sing a song” cycle.

However, FB is over-tired, mainly due to refusing to eat properly I suspect. Questions will be put to the Health Visitor but this is very trying for all. Really feeling for this kid and Mrs FC. Bought some new clothes for FB today, chosen by FB!

FB is lovely, but SO frustrating at times!


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