Open the door, please.  I want to go out.

Open the door, please. I want to go out.

Penny wants out but it’s raining.

I'll go when you've made it stop.

I’ll go when you’ve made it stop.


It’s raining.  Part of me loves the rain, the gentle drumming against the window, especially if I’m inside!  It’s quite nice to be out in it, too, if you’re fortunate enough to have the right clothing, places to walk, things to see, and a warm home to come back to.  Also, it reminds me of my lovely mum as she liked the rain.  It’s as if she were tapping on the window and saying “Hello Mark.  I can still see you. Have a hug.”


Anyway, move on with the day as I’ve gone all misty eyed!  Tonight I’m playing with the blues band in a nice little Bristol pub and the bassist is driving!  I can have a pint or two. 🙂


So, it’s on with the banjo and the shortcuts I mentioned before.  After that I’ll try the lute.  I’ve been watching some of Rob McKillops inspiring videos.  How does he do it?


Have peaceful, happy days!


About markwitney

Musician and teacher. Guitarist, bassist, ukulele-ist, lutenist and an ist!
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